Cantus Studio

Recording Studio in central Oslo, Norway

cantus studio recording studio oslo norway
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Recording Studio In Oslo

Cantus Studio is a high-end recording studio and mixing facility in Oslo, Norway. It contains a beautiful SSL Console along with other state-of-the-art analogue and digital recording equipment in a creative atmosphere. Our primary goal is to maintain the historical traditions and magic that a professional sound studio has to offer, at affordable rates. The studio complex is centrally located in downtown Oslo, near Youngstorget and Rockefeller Music Hall.

At Cantus Studio we provide professional services to artists and bands, as well as other clients, who needs recording and/or mixing of music and sound. Our studio is equipped with a great collection of high-end and vintage microphones, pre-amps, instruments and outboard gear. Equipment you will find in some of the best recording studios in the world.

The studio is run by Kristoffer Follestad; a sound- and mixing engineer with 10 years of experience. Our staff consist of Kjetil Mørland; a songwriter and producer and Elisabet Johnsen, a recording engineer and songwriter.

Please have a look around on our website and drop us an e-mail if you got any questions.

Check out this “live in Cantus Studio video” of Kjetil Mørland and Debrah Scarlett: